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Wind noise


Has anyone arrived at a simple solution for reducing, or eliminating, wind noise during video shooting on the A3400 or any of the small point-and-shoot cameras with the built-in mikes?



Unfortunately there isn't much you can do with the PowerShot A3400 series of cameras and the sound quality. Some of the cameras have a wind filter in the menu, but it does not appear that you have that option. Nor do you have a mic jack for an external microphone. You will have to be very wary of wind or just record indoors where you can have better control of unwanted noise.


Steve M.

Thank you Steve.  I may experiment with some filter ideas, but you are correct.  It will be a challenge for outdoor windy days.

How about creating your own "wind muff" by attaching cotton balls to the tiny internal mic's somehow??

I got one of these on my SX50:


You might get an idea?





Charleyhorse and Grazie-- good ideas from both of you.  THANKS!!  It's got me thinking.  The challenge is that the mic opening is soooo small, as is the whole camera, but I think I can come up with something.