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Viewfinder options?


I just purchased a used rebel EOS T-1 because I need to use a tongue switch
(I am a quadriplegic)

But the camera I purchased does not have a viewfinder in the LCD screen. Which means the camera is unusable for now

Any recommendations what I can do besides purchase a new body?

Thank you in advance



Just which camera did you buy?


There is a T1i which is a digital camera with Live View, which I believe is what you want. You have to press the live view button - the one with the little camera - to get the live view onto the back LCD.


There is a Ti which is a film camera.

Thank you for responding but my system my system does not the option for live viewu I'm still looking. They say that the live view are only on the new versions

The live view is setting to   "Quickview"  - see manual on how to set up.

You need to tell us exactly what camera you have. "T1" is not a current camera - in fact it is a film camera.