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Using higher wh battery in canon Elph 100hs



I recently ordered a new battery charger for my Canon Powershot ELPH 100 HS because my old one was taken when the bookbag it was in was stolen.


The new battery charger is called "Digital Video Battery Compact Travel Charger" and has an AC input and a Car adapter. The output is 4.2V + 0.05V, 300 mA + 50 mA


The Battery that came with the charger says "For CN-NB-4L" which is the same as the old battery.


The technical point I'm concerned about is the voltage and Wh the camera will be receiving if I use this new battery and new charger, although I think it will be ok.

Old Battery: 3.7V ===760 mAH 2.9Wh(Li-ion)

New Battery: 3.7V == 1400 mAH 5.18Wh


Does anybody know if this charger will be ok to charge my old battery, and if the new battery I received with the new charger will work in my camera?




Wh is just Watt-hours, it’s not a concern.  1.4 Ah x 3.7 V = 5.18 Wh


Everything else is a bit more complicated.  Camera companies like to come out with a ton of different model batteries and chargers and make it complicated so you’re inclined to buy some over-priced charger directly from them.  My advice when buying third party electronics, and I do often, is I buy from Amazon and I buy products that have a lot of reviews so I can confirm it works with my device and there’s a low rate of duds.  I usually avoid the super cheap ones, shooting for middle of the road between OEM price and cheapos.


The voltage of a charger doesn’t have to match the battery voltage, and the voltage a charger puts out is going to spike higher than its rating.  But if the spike is too high obviously it can damage it.  4.2 seems in the ballpark, though 300 mA is fairly small, it’s going to take awhile to charge a 1400 mAh battery.


All that said, I’d not play engineer.  Find your battery model, and buy a charger that explicitly states it’s for that model…  from a reputable dealer.