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Taking multiple shots at once?

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How do you take multiple shots at once with the Powershot sx20IS with one press of the shutter button? it's not in the manual for the camera.

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Check your manual for SETTING THE DRIVE MODE or anything similar.

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I think I have got it.  I used to have a similar model.


Go to P. 75 in your user manual.  It is called "Continuous Shooting".  Go to the symbol that is a stack of images with "AF" written over it.  That is continuous shooting with autofocus.


Does that do it?


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Well, it does take continuous photos on that setting, but their about a second apart, it's quicker to just take the shot on another setting (like auto without the picture review on). is there a way to take shots that are milliseconds apart? Or do I finally need to upgrade my camera? I need to take a quick, series of shots for an airshow in April.
Thanks for the quick responses!

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You will really need to upgrade to get them "milleseconds apart" The 7D can shoot about 7 frames per second IN THE RIGHT LIGHT. The 1D2 & 2n can do 8 FPS, & I think the 1D3 can do 10 FPS like the 1D4 does, & the fastest Canon is the 1Dx at 12 FPS. For milleseconds apart you'll need video. You're also going to need a lens with a fast AF if you want top quality results.




EDITED TO ADD. You may be able to speed it up by selecting AI Servo in the AF menu (if the camera has that option available) Since you've specifically mentioned shooting an air show I recommend that you read this article I wrote BUT full scale prop planes need shutter speeds UNDER 1/320 & lower is better if you can pan well enough.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."