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Setting configurations in C1 & C2 mode on the Canon Powershot SX70HS


I'm not a natural and  it takes time for me to figure things on any new advice. I seem to have figured out the "My menu" concept but am struggling with how to configure and then save settings in C1 & C2. The "My Menu" allows one to save menu items it seems, whereas the C1 & C2 mode allows you to save settings within menus? I have tried to save settings and suceeded initially but dont seem to find them! How many settings can you save and how do you see what settings you've saved in C1 & C2 mode? Do you then actually shoot in C1 & C2 mode or go back to your preferred mode to shoot?  



The C1 and C2 modes allow you to define your own custom shooting modes;  I have a custom shooting mode for sports, which works better for me than the automatic sports shooting mode.

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