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SX740HS. No Live View


I have loved the SX series and have used them for years. My new SX740HS does not have Live view though and that was one of my go to settings on the other cameras for good moon shots and focusing in on wildlife on high zoom, or nature in close up.  I liked it because it was easy to do and make quick adjustments for taking nature shots-which change in an instant. I have not found any similar setting that I like on the 740 without having to try to make way too many adjustments.  I don't always like what Auto does. Had a little more control with Live.  Any suggestions?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi justshaking,

Thanks for checking in with us.

The Live View feature just means that the camera can provide an LCD preview before taking the shot, and that's the only way to preview images on your camera.

Are you looking to get a magnified preview, or you not able to get any preview on the LCD screen?


No I mean LIVE used to be a setting on the SX series. I shot LOTS of closeups and far away nature shots with that setting. The 740 does not have that as a setting.