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SX60 won't keep date/time


Fairly new Powershot SX60 - won't keep date & time.  Manual say, the date/time battery will be recharged in about 4 hrs once you insert a charged battery pack.   Have done that, it still prompts for date and time every time I power it up.

Is there a separate button battery? 



The date/time battery is built into the SX60 and it should hold a charge for at least 3 weeks once it is fully charged in about 4 hours either on AC or the battery pack installed.

SInce you have already done that and it still will not hold a charge you need to call Canon and initiate a service request it looks like yours is not working correctly.

I am not a fan of those built in batteries myself but thats how they designed it.

Thanks John. I just hate to go through a repair/return process. it's my work camera.

I hear ya...well give Canon a call maybe they have something else you can try before having to send it in

If it is real new depending on where you got it maybe you can exchange it quicker for another one...but I know it is a pain.

It is a good camera I haven't noticed any chronic problems being reported with it