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SX50 I lost my HD Videos from my SD Flash card!


SX50 I lost my Videos from my SD Flash card!     .......Polaroid 32GB Class10 /  8HR HD Video


I went to a funeral and shot about 10 videos with the SX50 HS Camera. I NEVER remove Photos or videos from the camera CS card until I first BACK THEM UP to my EXTERNAL Hard Drive.


I transferred the photos first to a designated photo Folder, and also saw the videos on my SD card, but waited to tranfer later.  So later I plugged in the SD card, and looked for the videos, and they were not there!  



I have enough common sense NOT to remove any content from this card until i have backed it up.

 I frantically went to the recycle bin, to see, and they were not there either.  Do any of these cards automatically deletes content?  I was going to make a DVD for the family, but now I have no videos...its's not like I ask for a DO-OVER.


Is there any other way to recover videos from the SD card? ( I doubted)  SAD,,,, 😞


I don't have an instant answer to your question, but there are a number of file recovery programs available for SD cards. I have never used any of them, since I have not have the need. SanDisk makes one that is highly regarded, although I don't know if it will work with a Polaroid card. Polaroid may make one as well. Do an Internet search for "SD card recovery program" and I'm sure you'll find something.


So you saw that the videos or files were there at first? Then after you transferred them to the ext hardrive they where gone. If they are not on your ext hardrive then chances are that SD card is corupt and was corrupt before you used it to record. When you said you saw that the videos where on the card did you actually play any of them or you just saw the file names? I've had a similar situation where there were file names recorded but nothing inside them.

There are file recovery programs that Ive used on corrupted drives that will get a lot of the data back.

Try another card and make sure it is not your camera acting up too.

I'd contact Polaroid also, see what they say.

Sorry to hear that happened on such a sensitive ocassion.

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