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SX50 HS ~ How can I avoid accidentally shooting in SLOW-MOTION??


SX50 HS ~ How can I avoid shooting in SLOW-MOTION??



HOW can I shut off,  or AVOID recording in slow-motion in either FULL HD, or HD?


On Christmas Eve with family, I recorded about 12 FULL HD videos, but when I played them back on my computer, half of them was recorded in Slow-motion, no sound!!! 


I can NEVER get these moments captured again, so I would like to AVOID accidentally recording in slow-motion in the future. 


Thank you! 🙂


Rising Star

I've done the same with, fortunately, NON-Crucial material, how can you avoid this, I have no idea other than being super careful and scan the Icons in the LCD for what is needed - or in this case NOT needed. How much stuff was in slomo playback? And of course you're going to have non-Widescreen aspect and I know you wont have audio but I can speed footage up and render out. Any hub-bub of noises-off could always be slipped-in in post too.








I have seven (7) Video .MOV clips in Slow motion, and the other five 5 in regular HD.


I also have the Pinnacle 15 Studio video editing program, and tried to speed up each Video clip, but from the orginal slow speed, my only option is to speed up to my maximum speed of 500 X, and still it's too slow.  I thought this camera's HD is widescreen, so when I put it in the Create File or movie, I'm not sure what project format the output should be..i think DV, or Digital video.  I thoiught the output would be 24fps, and not the 720p or 1080i.

But, if you don't have pinnacle Studio, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.


In other words, if someone takes the video MOV clips off the camera to make a DVD Movie, what Video preferences should be used? Thanks!

You have asked simple questions - to answer them is very tricky!


1/- Why not render out the 500x and then bring it back into your NLE and increase speed again?


2/- " I thoiught the output would be 24fps, and not the 720p or 1080i." O...K... Frame rate (24fps) has nothing to do with resolution. You need to be careful in how you describe what you are doing otherwise you could get yourself really twisted about.


3/- OK! - Here's my SX50 workflow to DVD. I shoot in PAL; edit in PAL and deliver in PAL. My NLE of choice, and has been for 12 years now, is SONY Vegas Pro 12


i]   I set my Project to match my SX Media. And that that would be 23.976 FPS. 1920x1080p. Pixel depth 8bit


ii]  Edit!


iii] Render final project to the Project Settings


...and here's where it gets real tricky . . .


iv] Start a new Project and import the render from iii] above.


v]  Set my Timescale/Ruler to ABSOLUTE FRAMES and select the WHOLE clip and note the amount of frames: Let's say 50,0000 frames


... are you ready for this?


vi] I then re-set my project FPS to reflect that which will only work in DVD, namely 25fps.


vii] I then reduce the TOTAL play time length of the clip down to match that 50,000 frames. I don't know whether that is an option for you in your NLE (?), but I can.


viii] I also make sure my audio is re-referenced to match that new play length with shifting the "pitch" - again I can do this in VP12 with the Elastique plugin.


ix] I finally render/produce the 2 files needed for PAL DVD, namely an MPEG2 and an AC3 and use these to produce an authored DVD.


So, 9 steps to go form SX23.976 FPS to 25FPS. Please notice that DVD will NOT be in HD.


Nasty? Yes. Doable? Most certainly.


If others reading this can suggest quicker slicker ways to get from 23.976 MOV 1920x1080p to DVD, then I am all ears.







SX50 HS ~ 

I UnINSTALLED all my Canon Software for this camera from my computer. I may have to re-do this step, because All the Video and calera files are going to my C:/ DRIVE, which is only a 74GB Raptor, used for my Boot drive, and need all the edited and unedited videos and photos to go to my Onboard 3TB hard drive, instead. it's getting damgerousky close to FULL!


OK, So I Installed the software, Image browser, and DigitL PHOTO PRO, CONNECTED MY COMPUTER, and transferred a few of those seven SLOW MOTION VIDEOS, and opened one in the Image browser program. I was successful in speeding up the video, but how on earth DO I SAVE AS IT, to keep the edited faster speed?????  I did a search, and index, and nothing came up under SAVING VIDEOS.


That's one problem.  The second issue I'm having is bringing RAW images into the Digital Photo Pro, to edit RAW images that were taken with another Canon Camera...A G6.  I was unable to find them in my G6 RAW folder using the program, but I have no problem looking at all the RAW images in that folder in my WIN EXPLORER...I still can't open them up. because I need an Updated RAW PLUG-IN for that G6.  (Which i also have the same CAMERA RAW Plugin in my G6 folder, but still need an updated RAW plugin.) Whew!  Too much!



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