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SX280HS E32 error (not video)


Had this camera for close to a year now. Did the firmware update a long time ago.

Lately, the camera just shuts off on its own with an E32 error. This happens after turning it on and taking 2, maybe 3 pictures. I tried to update the firmware again and it says it is updated already. went to format the memory after that and it did, but then got the E32 error right after and the camera shut down.

I tried covering the center battery pin with tape like some in the video error thread did but that did not work.



This is apparently an error with the focus mechanism. Sometimes using some compressed air for electronics around the lens barrel will clear up the problem, but it could be some dirt got in the gears and may require the camera to be opened up. If it's still under warranty I wouldn't open it though. It could also be a problem with a cable that came loose or snapped. If so, you may need to talk to Canon to see if it's worth fixing.


On other Powershot models an E32 indiates an IS CPU problem or the MAIN IC is not working properly on the Main PCB unit. If it still pertains to your camera, and Canon does normally maintain general continuity for error codes, it will need to be serviced.

To see if this applies try turning off the IS in the menu and the other 2 options also, Cotinuous or Shoot only. See if either one of those 3 helps.

E32 is a lens error code.




Update: After a couple of people mentioned the lens error, I could tell there was something wrong with the lens. I tried the compressed air, but it sounded more like a problem with the gears for the lens.


Found the receipt for the camera and only had a few days left before the warranty ran out. Went through the website to get an RMA and sent the camera out the next day. Canon said they do not do repairs on that model so they sent me a refurb of the same model. I don't like the idea of a refurb, but this one looks OK. Comes with a 90 day warranty.

I tried the video function and it still has the same "Low Battery" problem. So clearly Canon has not fixed that problem.

Now that sure has put me off Canon products.... it's not exactly  stellar years old.


I certainly don't like the refurbish units either... it seems once Canon has got your money they don't want to know!



Here's the odd part. I know the serial number of the camera I sent in. They said they don't repair those units. How do they rerurb the units if they don't repair them? And the serial number of the camera I got back is MUCH lower than the one I sent in. So it's an older unit than mine was.

Probably Canon themselves doesn't repair anything,  as I understand they use  'Canon approved' contractors.


How can there be any guarantee with refurbished units? You don't know how it's been treated, it may have some weird spasmodic fault that occur once in a while.... and besides refurbished doesn't mean rebuilt using new parts - only suspected parts are replaced. 

I've seen this once in a while when repairing TV and video recorders and digital boxes where a fault will show up spasmodically... even I been caught out this way.... then there are faults that show up as soon as you box the whole thing up, the downfall of this is time,  you could easily get through a lot of repairs whilst struggling with one item.


Either repair or  exchange - no used parts, no used models means less bodged jobs, the onus is on Canon its their product and this attitude puts many people off the company.


Lens sticking is a awkward fault because Canon could say it has been banged, dropped or mistreated as a 'quickie excuse' thats the easy way out!


Canon is not the only pebble on the beach!





I can understand all the frustration but a refurb is not the worst thing that can happen. Same can be siad if you original camera was repaired.. whats next to happen? I've repaired enough cameras to know that there is a lot that can go wrong taking them apart, fixing them and reassembling them..accidental hidden problems are introduced. Electronics, cameras, gadgets etc are always going to break its just a matter of when..a gamble of sorts. I think if a company takes resonable steps to help the rest is up to the owners..i.e. extended warranty contracts with other companies...I use a warranty company for most everything I own and want to protect beyond a year. Square Trade will sell you an extended warranty on a factory refurb. I've only had to use my extended warranties once so far so did I waste my money on all the other warranties I bought...for peace of mind nope I dont think so. And that one warranty I used saved me from losing $900 on a laptop I spilled water on and they even returned my hard drive with all my files on it.

Until or unless companies begin offering lifetime or very long warrantys the owner has to decide to protect longer or not.

Check all the other camera forums its the same stories only the names have changed.


I looked for this error code with a Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS and found this link for the error code.  I have had this camera for years and this issue never came up. If anyone found it happening AFTER cleaning the lens (perhaps incorrectly), that may be a cause. Noticed images blurred. Checked lens and it was smudged. Exhaled on it, wiped with a kleenex and applied too much (?) pressure and found the lens retracting stating E32. I can take dozens of images then go

to review for many images and then find it displayed. Lens in, or out, the code appears, but while an annoyance it can still be used as a backup (?).  Have not tested pattern determining error code shows with frequency, length of use, going in/out of review/imaging, lens in/out, or ? Sorry to dumb it down. One of my points is that I caused the malfunction which seems not repairable, or stopping.    'Handling Precautions', pg. 197,   'Do not rub hard, or apply force,' does not specify lens, but what happened in my situation cleaning the lens. Dirt/dust may be easier than lens film. Nothing seen under Error Codes, pgs., 198 and 199. I found nothing in the manual, Contents, or Troubleshooting (and dont have the 'Solutions' disk), for Lens/Lens Cleaning. Nice to have error code. Nicer to have solution. So, how do you remove film from the lens? Wish I could be more helpful.