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Re: Help with Canon PS SX50 HS Zoom Lever Problem



This is my first posting. My SX50 is 4 years old, and has performed flawlessly until now.


My zoom lever does not respond initially, and then I get the designed response, only to have the lever fail again.


Is there a user fix, or do I have to take my SX50 to a camera repair shop?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Thank you.






I have 2 of those SX50HS cameras, mine are about the same age as yours. I would guess the problem is internal on the circuit board underneath the zoom lever from wear, perhaps the main PC board or even the lens assembly. If the zoom lever moves smoothly then it is not dirt under it. In any case whatever it is the cost to repair it would be more or very close to what it is currently worth. Try vacuuming the area around the zoom lever with your fingers crossed.  You can call Canon and probe them for a repair cost.  Repairs on these or most cameras are expensive. They are selling for 180 used on Amazon and less on auction sites. Consider your options, your budget and maybe even an upgrade to the SX60HS.

Hi John,

Excellent analysis and advice. I am inclined to get another SX50, but I'll also do a price check on the SX60 upgrade.

I appreciate your taking the time to help me through this.


You're welcome! As you look, keep in mind the SX50's were released in 2012, the SX60's in 2014 so if you choose one of those see if you can purchase an extended warranty with them. Of course the newest upgrade, the SX70 is the one that will have less use on it for a refurb or used model but will cost the most. You Tube has some good comparison videos on those models. I always have said as long as my SX50's are still working I will hold out and wait for the SX100 to come out! lol

@John_ wrote:

 I always have said as long as my SX50's are still working I will hold out and wait for the SX100 to come out! lol

Smiley Wink My SX50 failed, just before we went on our third Trip through South Africa and then into the Game reserves. I got my SX60 on my extended Warranty. I got a great deal and a Mic input too!




Audio IN is great. sorry, bad timing on that failure 😞 Smart move on the extended warranty though! 🙂 There are great deals out there to be had!

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