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Powershut SX50 - Not gettin full 12mp in jpg


I have a Canon SX50 HS. For some reason, I am only getting 2 mb size files. Is that right?
I have it set to 9M 4000 by 2248 in the "L" section.


When I wanna make it into 16x20 prints in shutterbug, etc.. it doesnt look right. or come out clear


Whats the best aspect ratio to set it to? 





 L is where it should be for that size print but it should be 4:3 print ratio and 4000x3000 not 4000x2248.  Are you using any image effects and what shooting mode was it in?



The native resolution for the sensor is a 4:3 ratio so setting it for other ratios (which can be done in the menu system) gives away important data which might be wanted later for a print in a different ratio. Your example is at a 4:5 ratio which can be set in camera but I strongly recommend it be done with editing software starting with a photo shot at the native resolution.


Also to get the highest quality image in jpg format you need to set the camera to save in Large Fine (page 147) which is represented by what looks like a quarter round trim molding with an S inside it. Since memory cards are pretty cheap these days I again recommend using that setting for all photos unless you intend to shoot in RAW & convert to jpg's later.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

I was shooting in auto.. there is no 4:3 ratio in auto.. but there is in Manual.
No image effects.
I tried it in both Auto and Manual. I also changed to RAW/JPG setting and noticed it saves 14.3 mb size as raw but still the 2-3 mb in JPG.

SEE pages 41 & 73 of the manual. IF for some reason you still get something other than a 4:3 ratio use Program & try again. (I prefer program because it allows far more control via Exposure Compensation & Flash Exposure Compensation.)

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

I'm only an amatuer but I agree and only have used the Program mode so far...for me it's like adjustable Auto if that makes sense!  lol

I almost have to go out of my way to take a bad photo with this camera..almost !