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Powershot SX620 HS dirt inside lens


I have a Powershot SX620 HS that now has a speck of dirt inside the lens. I have no idea how it go in there or how to get it out. It is appearing in all pictures. Any advice on how to clean the inside of the lens would be appreciated



Hi and welcome to the forum:
Simply put, the answer is don't try.  There is a misconception that dust is going to impact your images, but in fact, unless you are using an extremely short focal length (which is not the case with your camera), the camera's minimum focusing distance is way in front of where a spec of dust would be recorded.   You are far, far more likely to do the camera permanent harm by trying to address that spec yourself.
If you are experiencing spots on your images, then it is much more likely to be due to dust on the sensor, which is best addressed via an authorized technician, as you can really do damage to the sensor if you make a mistake.

cheers, TREVOR

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