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Powershot SX280 showing low battery

I bought the SX280 a couple of days ago, took a couple of test shots and about a minute of test video, hadn't used it for more than 5 minutes! I switched it on this morning and I'm getting a low battery indicator! Does anybody know why?!


Same problem I have.  I bought mine 5/18/14.  I have 2 batteries and have the same problem with both.  Once I put one in after charging and it immediately said 'charge battery.'  Turned the camera off and on again and it said full battery.  Sometimes it stops after just a few pictures.  I've never used the video.  Anyone know what to do about this?

I have been using my sx270HS for almost a year, same problem... Very disapointed cause it is a very good camera. Send it return 2 times. First time : firmware update, didn't work, second time they said they tested it, but found no problem... I don't understand why they denie the problem. Or : I do understand, it will cost a lot of profit to admit the problem. ..

Send it back again since if it is still less than a year old or have you tried another battery ?

I've been in the service business for over 30 years and sometimes it depends on who receives your camera to fix it, how busy they are and how specific you were in describing the problem.

For instance if it works properly for 5-10 minutes that may be all the time they spend looking at it and not enough time to experience your problem.

Be sure you make it VERY VERY clear to them in the service request that it takes time to produce the problem and as I old the other person include a note with it if you send it back.

Check what I suggested to the other person also but if you can send it back in ASAP !


Thanks for the info ! It just broke down again, and this time I am not sending it in for repair. I'm getting my money back. Good thing, but now I don't know what camera to buy... I don't want to risk the same sx. The SX700 just out now... Hope no one has got the same problem with this one ? 

You can send yours in under warranty since it is less than a year old. Even though you have to batteries it is not unheard of to get 2 bad batteries.

There is a whole long list of internal problems that might cause something like that to happen. All of which will require service.

If your problem is intermittent, does not happen all the time etc. make sure you make that clear in your service request and also include a note when you send the camera back in. Be sure they are aware it is intermittent, that is very important.

The things you can do are:

A bad connection between the battery and the contacts inside the battery box can produce the same problem.

Check both batteries for visible damage, especially where the battery contacts are located. And for dirt also.

Check the inside of the battery box/compartment for the same.

Be sure the battery door closes correctly, is not loose or damaged.

The other person mentioned a firmware update, you can check that also.

Lastly you can buy another OEM Canon battery and try that. Since your batteries are less than a year old they also are under warranty.