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Powershot G7x Mark II shuts down after picture taking




Whenever I take a picture with my Canon Powershot G7X Mark II camera, the screen goes black but the lens is still out (as shown in included picture). It remains in this state until the battery dies or I press the power button. When I press the power button, the lens retracts and then goes out and the screen boots up as if I just turned it on. Of course, no picture is taken. 

Needed info: The battery is fully charged and the memory card is not full (about 15% full). This camera was carried around with me daily during a month and did have some bumps here and there, but nothing like being dropped or hitting it against a wall. 


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Try resetting the camera back to default settings and see if that helps.

Unfortunately that didn’t work. But now it makes that fun picture noise! Thanks for your reply 

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello AlecM,

Let's try cleaning the contacts on the battery with a clean, dry, microfiber cloth to insure good communication with the camera. Are there any errors associated with this issue? Have you been able to try a different battery and/or card in the camera? I would suggest trying those things if you're able to. You may want to try resetting the camera to factory default settings and testing once more to verify it's not settings related. This RESET is found in the yellow wrench menu #4. If the issue persists, then the camera should be sent into our factory service center for evaluation. You would ship the camera to:

Canon Factory Service Center

12022 Canon Blvd.

Newport News, VA 23606


yes ive had this exact same issue and when i brought it in to someone (bot cannon related), they told me they think its an issue with the lens and shutters. can someone confirm this?

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