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Powershot Elph 110 canon camera black image screen when on,, no image


When I turn on camera there is only a black scree with the auto function on.  Even black with auto off. Snap a picture and still black screen.  Any help wil be  appreciated



Can you playback the images and see them on the screen ? Is the problem just with taking a picture or video ?

May sound like a silly question but I've done it before, is the lens cap on ?

Can you see the menus to do a Reset All just in case the camera's firmware has gotten hung up.

You can also try removing the battery and holding the power on switch on for at least 45 seconds too.

Will not let me do a reset.  Busy hand comes up.  I did fix it once by resetting to default and doing dates all over again but this time camera will not let me reset.  Looked at all the info and someone suggeasted it was the sensor and get a new one.