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PowerShot Trade-In



 I tried calling customer support to talk to someone over the phone because I wanted to get some information about my camera. I would like to speak to a person because it's a little long to explain over the message board. I dropped my CANON POWERSHOT SX450HS this past Saturday lens side down (with the protector on). However, when I went to turn it on to check it, it kept saying lens error and wouldn't get past the CANON screen before shutting down. I'm taking a photography class and needed a camera so I went and got the REBEL T7. Yesterday, when I went to turn it on, it turned on and is working perfectly fine now. The only problem is that I love how sharp the photos are on the REBEL and the different lenses. I was wondering if there was a way to trade in my CANON POWERSHOT SX450HS and get some money for it to go to pay off the REBEL. Also, I'm nervous that the lens will malfunction all of the sudden. Will that happen, and if it does how much is it to replace the lens for it since it isn't one that comes out? 




This question would be best suited for our Sales Team. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-385-2155.



Its unlikely you will receive and type of compensation for a previous transaction, regardless if you purchased the new camera directly from Canon.  You can ask, but be prepared for a, "No, we're sorry".  

I wouldn't worry about having issues with the new device as long as you don't drop it.  No camera / lens does well in these types of situations.  Do yourself a favor and use the neck strap, or purchase a wrist strap for the camera.  Do one or the other now.   Doesn't matter if the camera is $200 or $2000.  Get it secured so you can concentrate on learning photography.   

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