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PowerShot G7 X Mark II Auto focus sound


Hello! I just recently purchased the Canon G7x mark ii & immediately noticed a auto focus ticking/focusing sound. I have watched endless amount of YouTube videos to try to fix it.

i have applied the auto focus lock & face lock & although the ticking stops I can’t get it to focus on anything else (I am a vlogger I move the camera around a lot) so how do I get both of best worlds no ticking sound but be able to move my camera around & focus. Thank you!



Assuming you're using the built-in microphone? To reduce/avoid camera sounds, look into an external microphone that would be mounted the further distance away from the camera's body as possible.


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Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers


It sounds like you have Movie AF Tracking enabled.  I think you have two main choices.

One, disable Movie Servo AF, or whatever it they call it on that model. Refer to a DoF chart or app and look at the available DoF when using the wide angle focal lengths.  With a short enough focal length, you do not need to use Movie Servo AF because everything beyond a couple of feet or so will be in focus.

Two, as suggested above, use an external microphone.  There are various options.  There are on-camera shotgun microphones and wireless lapel microphones.  Which is best would depend on your content.  If it is more selfie oriented, then a wireless lapel mic might be the way to go.

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