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PowerShot SX540 HS Tethering Capabilities for Stop-Motion Animation


Hi.  I've been wanting to do a stop animation project for a while and it would help to have a camera that can be tethered to my mac so I can set it up on a tripod and keep it in place and view the pics on my computer.  I currently have the canon SX 40HS powershot camera which has been great, however I'd like to upgrade to one such as the canon powershot SX540 in hopes that it has the capability of tethering to hopefully a free tether software I can use with my MACbook pro computer.  I'm having trouble finding out if the Canon Powershot SX540 has tethering capabilities or not.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!




Part of the idea is to have the photos save direct to my computer so I can many. many in a row without running out of space.  I'm a beginner so not sure if this is done through the tethering software or how to best facilitate this flow.  Thanks!

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello cthesound,

The PowerShot SX540 HS is not capable of tethered shooting via USB. It is only capable of tethered shooting via WIFI with our Canon Camera Connect app on Android or iOS devices.

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