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PowerShot SX420 IS Solid White Images When clicking the photo....


Have used this camera for 2 years with no problems until...a few days ago.Images taken when fully zoomed in are a solid white. This starts when the lens is zoomed in at about the 50% mark. If anyone out there knows what causes this, I would love to hear from you. It is not specific to any one setting, (P, auto, etc.) happens with all of them. Right now zoom or not, i am not able to click the photo at all. it is turning white on clicking. please solve this problem.  20230606084827_IMG_0038.JPG




Sounds like it needs repair.


If an "image" is solid white it must be from extreme overexposure. Look at the lens as you take a picture to see if the diaphragm (lens opening) is sticking open. Could be happening at a particular zoom range.

Sounds like the camera is malfunctioning. 

if i am clicking photos in any range, only solid white is coming......

Again, LOOK at the front of the lens to see if the lens opening or shutter is sticking open.

Whatever it is, your camera is busted.

It is a seven-year-old model. Is it still under warranty? If not, most likely not worth the cost of repair.