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PowerShot SX260 HS flash not firing


Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can please help me? I have the PowerShot SX 260 HS and it's been a great little camera. I got it for a wedding gift a little over 10 years ago and it's taken beautiful pictures of my growing family. It was working fine one day then the next the flash wouldn't fire. It pops up like it's going to fire then it doesn't and the pictures are all dark. I'm wondering if there is any fix for this or if 10 years was all I get out of this camera and it's time for a new one. I appreciate any help anyone can provide!! Thank you.



Did you have a fix on this issue?

Not yet. I’m hoping to find one so I don’t have to buy a new camera. I can take pictures with the flash off but most of them are coming out blurred. 


It's probably beyond the point where Canon will provide support for it.  You could still call them to double-check though.  Are you near any camera stores or repair shops?  Possible to perhaps install a new flash bulb (assuming that is the problem).

Though you'll be better off with a newer camera at this point as they're be so many benefits.

You would need to weigh in the cost of any repair though.  Perhaps that cost would be better put towards a new camera.


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You’re probably right. Thanks for the advice! I was hoping for a quick fix but had a feeling I’d be shopping for a new camera. Thanks again