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PowerShot S3 is - lens stucked outside and camera shut down


lately the lense went out late and slowly, when I turned the cam on. In one cold night (-C) I turned the cam on and lens went out and nothing more happened, after short time the camera shut down and lens stayed out. I started the cam agaqin and on the screen appears the message: "Lens error, restart camera". I did many times. nothing helped.
I tried to open and move the ring-lock of the lens but problame stayed. Butteries are full.
Any Idea?  



You are at the 17 yr mark with this camera.  If the battery is still good, it could have encountered an internal malfunction or failure.  Repair would be subject to parts availability.  That's if you could find someone to work on it.  My advice, its not worth it.  6MP.  Time to let it go.

Best option.  Canon has an upgrade program.  1-866-443-8002 from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. EST Monday through Saturday to speak with a Canon Upgrade Program representative.

If you want to pursue repair, you can try:  

midwestcamera dot com 

Bay Area - CA

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