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PowerShot G7 X Mark II Keeps saying memory card locked


Hello, I currently have the canon g7x mark ii and I’ve bought two memory cards but every time I try taking pictures it doesn’t let me and keeps saying memory card locked even when the switch on the card is unlocked. It’s been so frustrating, does anyone know how I can fix this? It won’t even let me format the sd card. 



The "switch" on the SD card is not the actual  switch that locks the card. It is a slider that presses on the real switch in the groove the card slides into. See if you can see the switch in the groove. If it is stuck down, the camera thinks any card is locked. Give it a nudge with a fine-pointed tool to see if it pops up. 

If you can't manipulate the switch, the camera needs repair. It's seven years old. You have to find out if Canon still repairs it.

I am trying to see what switch you’re talking about but I don’t see it? 


It IS way down in the slot, and it doesn't stick out very much. You need a flashlight to see in there. But if you (or someone else) don't see anything in the slot that would be pressed by the card, that could be your problem.

Do you have a camera-friend or a camera shop to help you? Otherwise, it's the repair option.

I tried taking a look with a fine tool but idk if that messed it up even more because now it says memory card error instead of memory card locked… I made an appt to take it to Best Buy this weekend to get it checked 😔

Hi! I am also having the exact same issue with my canon g7x mark ii. Was Best Buy able to help you? I want to send it in for repairs but it’s so expensive! Please let me know what you ended up doing 

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