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PowerShot A1400 battery door replacement


I have this A1400 and I really like the camera. I purchased it used and have discovered that the batery door is faulty and needs to be repalced. It is staying closed for now but may not continue to stay closed for mush longer. I have located a replacement door but need information on removing the old door and installing the new piece.




I am not familiar with that particular model but for most others you have to remove at least the front cover to get at the battery cover hinge pin to remove the cover and replace it. It's not particularily hard depnding on your skill with such things.

I f you attempt it keep track of the screws and where they came from..that is important since the difference in size might not be noticable to the eye.

when you are going to remove any of the covers of the camera it is most likely attached via a thin film cable connector which is released using a very small screwdriver by flipping up the end or pulling the little tab straight back..try that first. Or an ST FPC that basically is pressed in to the socket that can be pryed out of the socket gently with the blade of a very small screwdriver.

If you are real lucky the cover you remove might not have any connnectors...take a close look and maybe you can see which cover to remove, frontt, back or get the top off you may need to take both the front and back off if your model has a top cover.

I wish  could b more specific with that you have to remove to get at that hinge pin.

Looks like there are three screws holding the back cover in place. I may try those and see what gives.

I will probably go ahead and buy the replacement cover.

I only have $40.00 in the camera but I really like it and will probably not try the door replacement until it fails altogether.

yes good idea, wait till it fails completely or enought to take a chance and replace it.

Be sure to look for hidden screws and not knowing what the cover removal procedure is some may be hidden until another cover is removed first...3 screws does not seem like thats all there are.

Roger that.

Found another screw under the door.

I will be carefull and if things do not want to move, I will regroup.


Thanks for your input.


Your welcome and if you come up against a connector or something you need help with and can take a picture of it, post it here.

I have service/repair manuals for other powershots so i might find info for you there.

It's a good camera and worth a try !!

Will do.


I appreciate the information.

Hello All,


Wondering how you got on with the battery door replacement as I have the identical issue here in london.


Also, where did you manage to get hold of the part?


If you can let me know, I'd be very grateful.



I also had a boken battery door cover on my Canon PowerShot A1400. 

I found the door for sale on

It cost US$10.88, with free shipping.  I have used ebay before, but not aliexpress, so I was a bit apprehensive about ordering from China. 

I've read numerous poor reviews about aliexpress.However, the satisfied customers all stated to be sure the seller has very good reviews.

I decided for $10.88 I'd give it a try.  The seller was Guang Summer Digital.  The door arrived 14 days after I placed the order, and it seems to be the exact replacement part.  It took me about 20 minutes to replace the door (I've never replaced one before).

My camera is now in good working condition (no more rubber band holding the batteries in place), and I'm glad I took a chance buying the door. 

I noticed there hasn't been any postings for almost a yr and have a broken battery door also.  I ck'd AliExpress but didn't see it, are there other sources for buying one?