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New SX 530 HS with a Mac


Hi All, 


I just got a SX 530 HS camera, thinking photo upload to my MacBook Pro (2015) running High Sierra was still via usb cable (I guess I'm a digital dinosaur), but it appears that I need to upload via wi-fi. I have seen people posting about connectivity issues with Mac. I haven't put the SD card in that I purchased with the camera yet, because I don't have a use for it if I have to return the camera. 


I hit the "up" arrow as in the instructions, and just get the message that there is no WiFi card. 


Can anyone reassure me that this WILL work with a Mac on High Sierra? Being the newest OS, I would assume it will work, but would like to know before I install the SD card. 


Thanks for your help!






Never mind, I dug up an old sd card that I could use. Now trying to connect to laptop. 


Thanks anyway! 



I gave the camera a nick name and followed the instructions in the manual. Before I get to step 5 [Choose WPS Connection] the connection times out. The camera and laptop are about 10 feet from the WiFi station and the connection just won't make it. 


Is there some mysterious setting that I need to make for this to work? 


Thanks, Pat

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Hi PnSwench,


Thanks for posting.


Before you begin, please ensure the date (including the year), time (24 hour clock), time zone and daylight savings settings are correct and match the settings of the network you're you're using for the connection.


Please note: If you use a virtual private network (VPN) in conjunction with your internet connection, if your connection is to an area outside your time zone, you may not be able to establish a wireless connection for your camera to your computer.


To transfer images to a Mac using High Sierra, you must use the Image Sync method for the wireless transfer of images. For a step-by-step guide for this method, please click here. Once on our page, scroll down to "Image Sync Usage and Setting Procedures (Optional)".

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Thanks for the reply. I just got back from a trip so have not had time to test this out. Unfortunately, I didn't take my "real" camera this time, just my iPhone, since I didn't think I'd get much more from my Canon than the iPhone since I didn't really understand the settings yet. I'm signed up for a class soon, which will make me more comfortable with it. 


I'll follow your steps and see how it works soon!