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My Canon powershot SX260HS has a dark screen, including menu and display functions. Is there a fix?


My Canon powershot SX260HS has just started to produce a dark screen, including menu and display functions. The screen resumes its normal light level when I apply pressure unevenly on the upper selection dial (shooting selector).  Is there a fix?



I believe that the small printed circuit board that holds the usb connector and the power button has shifted or is damaged from force exerted on the on/off button.  If I connect an USB cable and gently move the connector up and down, or if I start the camera and then put differing amounts of pressure on the on/off button wihout turning the camera off, the diplay will flash normal and then return to dark.  Is there any place I can buy that part to try to fix the camera myself.  Considering the age of the camera and the cost of sending it in, the money would be better applied to a different canera.  Right now I am not considering a Canon.  This has happened to too many Canon cameras - older and some newer.