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Low resolution images on Powershot SX710 HS digital camera


Hi all, bear with me, I am very green to using these cameras. I got this camera in 2016 and barely used it then, now looking to revive it for an upcoming trip to Italy.

All of the photos I have taken as test shots are very low resolution (my actual iPhone 12pro takes better photos) and I believe my settings are correct.

Please help! Looking to get this rectified before my trip next week.





Storres - I am a new member, but long Canon shooter. I think we can RESOLVE your low- res problem. I bought a SX 510 HS as a small "backup", for big DSLR.  Because of the large primary lens ( mine is size of a silver- dollar), like a larger telescope- I have been absolutely AMAZED at the resolution of its "30X" zoom (4.3- 129mm). Let's fix your poor resolution problem.

I hope that the res setting is the problem. Your camera has compressed images  - JPEG - for storage on the mem card. That can be set to high or low res, and the number of images you can store on the SD card is more for low res, smaller file size.  If you have big SD cards, and want "pro" images, let's set the res (file size) to largest possible  - that is: "L" and "superfine"... OK  ??

On back of your cam is the "FUNC SET" button, inside the wheel. Press that. Various functions should appear at left side of the screen. Roll the wheel down ( or press on bottom) till you come to a letter, and screen says "recording pixels". Press WHEEL, on the right, AGAIN, and a vertical selection appears  - large, medium, small. This is the pixel- count of  your shots. If your cam is set on "S" or M - that's your problem. Press or roll the wheel, to "L" ( largest files - mine is 11MP) Press button again, or return to function column.  Just below "pixels" is the letter for "compression". My cam has only "S"( superfine)  but I can select fine (below) if I want. I hope our P&S cameras are similar, so this helps  - set your "pixels" to large- L - and  "compression" to superfine- S - and you should be amazed at resolution,  even at long zoom.  ** "IF ALL ELSE FAILS  - READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL"...    -GOOD LUCK,  and safe travel...

- Mark Tulk, Lansing Mich.

[phone number removed per forum guidelines]

Hi Mark thanks so much for replying to my message. 

I actually already have it set to the highest resolution which is the L setting. My SD card is 32 MB. Might that be it? Should I purchase a larger memory card? I should point out that I probably have 100 or so pictures on this camera. Not many. 



I attached two photos, one taken on the camera and one taken on my iPhone. If you look at the window on the right: the blurry one is the camera and the sharp one is my iPhone. I also exported this as the highest resolution from the camera into the canon app. 

Hey, Storres -  You present an interesting Mystery.  1. It is certainly NOT related to the size of SD card, or no. of images stored on it.  Is the "blur", you perceive is on ALL images, or just indoors or low light?  Reason I ask is that image above has a BLACK rectangle at center, and "blur" most obvious at the window - "highlight".  I mentioned that our little cameras have great, large lenses ( for a little P&S)  I dunno how much you know about Photography, or lenses, BUT - your Powershot and iPhone have very different lens size. With a larger (diameter) lens, a subject can be emphasized (eg portrait, or food ad) by opening lens, which reduces depth- of- field (DOF). The subject is in focus, background all blurry. - They call it "bokeh" these days ( Japanese for blur). This is used widely in portrait and ads. That is by setting wide aperture ( low f- stop). That is impossible with the tiny lens on phone, but maybe iPhone does it by electronics.  SO - if your camera's focus is "spot meter" ( one point), or center- weighted, on that BLACK TARGET, it would open- up the lens, and "blur" everything else. I'm just guessing, here - are ALL your camera images blurred, or just low light,  or ondoors ??  ** Check the "metering" function, it's on top of the list on my 510 HS.  I always use " center- weighted", but must remember, if a subject is off- center. -Pressing the shutter button half way, and held, will lock focus and exposure, on most cameras.  I can only advise you look at images on a larger monitor, to figure out if the whole thing is "blurred" or just the part outside DOF.

If you can talk with a photographer at a camera shop (that still exist), or maybe a PAWN SHOP , politely ask, and they might be able to advise.

**Check the "metering" setting on camera , first  - it might be set at "spot meter"...

**Thanks for the interesting puzzle. It is also possible that your lens is damaged, internally ( did you buy it used, or have kids who might have dropped it ?)

Again,  good luck and safe travel. -Mark T,  930 AM  Saturday

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