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G5x MKii is not recognized by my computer



I own a G5x MKii P&S camera.  After returning from Europe travel, I connected the supplied USB cable to the computer and camera, turned on the camera, and waited and waited for a message on the rear screen of camera or a new icon/drive to show up in my Windows Explorer tree.  Nothing happened - no message on camera, no icon or drive showed up in computer.  I tried rebooting the computer and turning camera on, then off, back on but nothing.  I also checked the Device Manager, with camera on and connected, and there was no indication the system detected the camera.  This really sounds like a missing driver issue.

I searched thru Canon forums and this software was mentioned numerous times as a possible solution:  "CameraWindow" software.  I searched and searched but could not find a way to download this software.  I'm hoping this group can assist in solving this problem.  Thanks.



This is the link to Canon Support on the Canon USA web site.  It you are not in the US, then there should be another web site for your country of origin.  It should have a similar product support page. 

Follow the instructions.  Begin typing the full model number of your Canon camera or product.  Do not abbreviate.  As you type, a dropdown list of model numbers that match our typing should appear.  When you see your camera model, then select it from the drop down list.

After few moments, you should see the Product Support page for your Canon product.

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Make sure that Wi-Fi is disabled in the camera when using the USB cable.


And try another USB cable. Make sure it is not one of the charging-only abominations.


Thanks folks.  The support site said I don't need a driver and I couldn't find the "CameraWindow" software.  I'll try disabling WiFi and see what happens.  Otherwise, I'll buy an external SD card reader and be done with it.