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G5X MK II won't record video in Movie mode...will record video in other modes


We have a 3 month old G5X MK II that has only been used for still shooting until recently.  When we tried recording video it would not record when the Mode dial was set to Movie Mode and either the Movie Record button (with the red dot) or the shutter button were pressed.


It will, however, record video when the Mode dial is set to settings other than Movie Mode.  I haven't tested it systematically but I recall that it seemed to record video in at least Auto, Scn, and Av modes when the Movie Record button is pressed (and recording stops when the Movie Record button is presssed again).


Otherwise the camera has performed as-expected.  And even this behavior doesn't seem to be a result of a mechanical issue.  Button movements are solid and consistent.  The Video Record button works reliably in the other modes.  The videos look fine as far as we can see.  So, my questions:


1) What could cause this behavior?  Might there be a menu setting that we set by mistake that would cause the camera to behave this way?  By the way, the firmware is up to date at v1.1.0


2) Is there any downside to only recording Videos in one of the other modes.  Are there any settings/features that are only available in Movie mode and can't be accessed when recording video in, or example, Scn Mode, P Mode or Auto Mode?


3) Should we worry that the problem is likely to become more severe over time to the point that we won't be able to record video in the other modes?


4) Any thoughts about fixes other than sending it back to Canon for inspection and repair?


5) Finally, could you point me to a source of more in-depth information about this camera beyond the Manual.  I haven't been able to find much of a presence on Youtube or other forums.  Canon online support (eg. FAQs) seems to re-cover things that are in the manual, but not go into greater depth.  In this particular case I could use help understanding in greater depth which features function and which don't when recording video in Movie Mode vs. in other Modes.  As far as I can see from the Manual, all it says about recording video in other modes is that you can do it by pushing the Movie Record button.





You should give the Canon support line a call. 1-800-OK-CANON. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic

Thanks for the suggestion, John.  I called Canon Tech Support a few weeks ago.  The agent didn't have any suggestions other than to send it in for repair (she didn't suggest any diagnostics, either).


My problem is that the camera is used regularly and it works pretty well except for the glitch of not recording video in Movie Mode, but recording video just fine in any other mode. So if recording video in the other modes is just as capable as recording in Movie Mode, there would be no benefit in a repair (and it would save the cost and lost time of sending it to the shop).


But thanks again for the suggestion.