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G1X-Loose connection ON/OFF button


Hi! I have a problem with my G1X and I think is the button connection that doesn't work. I think the button is loose because sometimes works a long time, and sometimes goes off after switching it on. Its also strange that the button can be so sensitive, sometimes the cameras goes off after touching it a little bit (not pressing it). Is there someone that had the same problem? How much ,do you think,  could it cost?

Thank you in advance


Rising Star

Button intermittent.

Well, if it is it calls for a dismantle to get at the button. If the button is 'touch sensitive', maybe 'flaky' is a better description than it probably is the button and requires replacement.


You can appreciate the pressure of pushing On and Off creates stress on the switch that could damaged their fine soldered connections or even the switch itself.


It could be another problem, it could be the battery contacts or the camera battery contacts, they become oxidised and tarnished... thus you don't get a 100% contact or it may become intermittent as you described, all this is required here is a gentle wipe with a lint free cloth on the battery contacts.


Sometimes the spring contacts in the camera gets stressed too and require a little help by bending.... this is not recommended unless you know exactly what you are doing.


Maybe one tip with the camera powered ON try tapping and gently pushing the battery cover, this *may* prove that point.


These I'd say are common reasons for 'flaky' operation.



thnx Dave, it was the battery contact 🙂

Hi Paula,


Glad you managed to sort it without having to send it away... not often we get things right, good luck .