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G15 Camera Mode Dial turns but camera remains in auto mode. :(


G15 Camera Mode Dial turns but camera remains in Auto mode.  We reset it to factory setting but it's still doing the same thing.  It's almost as if the dial isn't talking to the rest of the camera.  It turns fine.  shoot.



Thats not good and will most likely need service unless it's still under warranty in which case call Canon

If your handy you can probably find info on the web about how to take it apart and the part number of the circuit board underneaath the mechanical dial. But you'd have to take it apart to determine which it is the dail or the board.

There is another kind of reset you can try, fingers crossed, where you remove the battery and hold the on switch in the on position for at least 30-45 seconds...then replace the battery and try again

Thanks John, I'll try it

Shoot, didn't work. Guess it's back to the Canon shop.