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Canon SX60 Jerky 1080P Video Indoors under Natural Day time lighting


Hi all, sorry if this question has been answered but I did not see a post regarding my issue. I recently attempted to shoot indoor video with my SX60. I switched the mode dial to video and hit record. I noticed that video capture looks to be 15FPS and is very stuttery. 


I panned around a bit then walked outside while still recording and the video magically switched to crystal clear 60FPS! I did not stop recording at any point. While still recording I walked back inside and the video started to stutter again like it was in 15FPS mode. 

The video playback was identical to what I whitnessed while recording. I messed around a bit in the custom video section of the camera and adjusted made the following adjustments : 1/60 - F5.6 - ISO1600. The LCD and viewfinder were a little dark but the FPS definately increased!! 


I did the same test with my S120 and the video remained a constant 60FPS while inside and even during the transition to outside . there was no visible FPS change. On a side note, the S120 did not have the same custom video options.


Has anyone else experienced choppy video under normal 3pm sunny day indoor lighting conditions with their SX60?


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"3pm sunny day indoor lighting conditions "


Video taking does not follow a  time the best to take shot  eigther indoor or outdoor but how the way your hand handles it. The vertical rolling is caused by hand shake.  The camera takes an auto mode set up except its option for fps thing.  Make sure that  IS  is  On  at handheld taking of video. The video crystal clear is a result of good sorrounding lights. Try a mini tripod to hold it  instead of holding the camera and let its auto focus works steady for 10 sec. then panning and walking.

Hi Thanks for the reply. Please see the attached videos.


they are both shot with plenty of natural light. My Den is not as well lit so the video is a little jerky while panning.


The video of my living room is smooth! Both videos were shot in full auto video mode, so why is the Den video a little choppy, like the FPS is a little lower?


This is m living room. The video is smooth. No changes were made to the camera. Both videos were recorded around 9:AM


Nice video and i see the difference between 15 frame per second as compared to 60 frame per sec.

Naturally lower frame shows a little shake during transition from frame to frame as compared to higher frame with a very smooth transition bec. it can not be distinguished by our eyes. Try again for a steady video or time lapse - do not pan, you will see the difference. 60 frame is nice enough but this consumes big memory card as compared to 15. Try 24  if it has this option. ISO setting do not play rule in video bec. it is designed to auto mode only. Also try to compare video of same distance focus and same lighting and same object videod.  Most likely many trials will answer your questions.

Hi, Thanks again for  your reply but I think there is some confusion.


The camera is in full automatic mode.


The camera is automatically changing frame rates depending on how much light is in the room.


I'd like to know why this is happening and possibly change it so that the camera always uses 60FPS no matter how much light is available.


Thanks again for your time..

I'd like to know why this is happening and possibly change it so that the camera always uses 60FPS "


The camera sensor is capturing the ambient light in each pixel and recorded into the storage circuit. When the sensor sensed that less light is available, it increases its ISO value and this change of frames affect the recording mode and the gap in fraction of seconds is perceptable by our eyes as shakes, pixelation or any static flow of current you called it as jerky if i am not wrong. It is still in 60 fps regardless of lighting, as I said changing light affects the ISO value used by the camera and defending of the mechanical ability of the camera.  I do not know how the ISO is used but I know in bright place ISO 100 is giving a better picture and gloomy place takes about 3200 ISO. 

PERFECT ANSWER!! Thats what I was looking for :-)!!


Your answer makes total sense to me. I guess my S120 does not have this issue
because the S120 has a faster lens (F1.8).


I did the same test using the S120 and the video remained smooth with no stutters.


In the SX60 recording sub menu, I found a custom recording option that allowed me to change the ISO and Shutter speed. I made adjustments and the display was a little dark but definately smooth!


Thanks for your help!

I forgot to mention that if the ISO is increased above 400, the speed of shutter is faster and this cause a mechanical vibration that make the video jerky compounded by hand shakes. This jerk in photography is called noise  or grainy image. The camera sensor adopt the light collected as a color, and the sensor is  less sensitive thats why it is out of focus. Mechanical shutter vibration also contribute to the shake of camera and longer focus lens blurring effects.

Exactly quality of camera gives the best result and custom set up is best for the job.

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