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Canon Powershot SX50 HS no picture to view black LCD and Viewfinder


I have a problem with my Canon Powershot SX50 HS camera.  The main problem is that the view finder and LCD  panel does not display any picture....both are black screens.  I can get access to all the functions and change any settings.  When I press the shutter button I hear a click but it seems the leafs inside the lens do not open...they are all locked in the closed position.  I've tried resetting the camera and all suggestions from this community forum but nothing works.  Is this an indication that there is a sensor problem with the camera.  If so, would it be costly to send to Canon to try and repair it....anyone no what something like a sensor fix would cost?  I know Canon has stopped making this model ( usually all camera models run from eight to ten years with some model exceptions for ongoing demand).  Thanks.



I looks like the camera is damaged and given its age it would be unlikely to be fixed by Canon - they have a limited ability to keep parts for every model and past a certain date, shorter for consumer models, they stop support.  If you want to talk to a Canon support person call 1-800-OK-CANON.
The current version of this unit is the SX70HS if you wish to replace this unit with a similar one. 

cheers, TREVOR

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