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Canon G1X or G15 for casual use?


I'm going to get either of these two for casual use, mainly landscape, social situations and walkaround shooting. I tried them both and they feel like a bigger and smaller version of the same camera, with the G15 being overall quicker, but the G1X isn't so far behind such that it's a deal breaker. It's the tilt-swivel screen of the G1X that is the main reason why I'm spit between the 2, since it's great for weird angles and selfies. Yes I know these cameras are old and there are better 1-inch type compacts out there, but this is all I can afford for the moment (both cost ~150$ in good condition). Which one should I get?



I would lean towards the one that would give you better usability.  So if you foresee really leveraging the tilt-screen, the G1X would be the choice.

A side note on "1-inch" type.  Sadly this goofy name is so pervasive in the industry.   These sensors are actually around 16 mm diagonal.  Roughly half-inch wide by 0.35 inches tall.


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If the tilt-swivel screen is important to you for weird angles and selfies, then go for the Canon PowerShot G1X. Otherwise, if speed and overall performance are your priority, the Canon PowerShot G15 would be a better option.