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Cannot register my PowerShot ZOOM monocular


I just bought this product directly from Canon (Nov. 25, 2023, delivered Dec. 12, 2023).

Refurbished PowerShot ZOOM Compact Telephoto Monocular (White) SKU: 4838C019

It is impossible to register it on the Canon website. You have to enter the product name into a "box" and wait for the product registration page to say " mean "this product" in the dropdown menu. But no matter how you enter the name, the registration page refuses to acknowledge it as a product. There is no avenue on the Canon website for registering my problem. Just this "community" page, which doesn't seem to be an official part of Canon--just helpful people. The product works fine. I just want to register it so I can find out if there are any updates or recalls.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello fpink3,

You would need to have a Canon account in order to register your camera. You can create one HERE if you do not have one. I checked the site for that camera model and there have been no updates since August of 2021. You can check the camera's page HERE for reference. There are no recalls for this camera either. I hope this is helpful.

I have a Canon account and log in before I attempt to register the ZOOM camera. I have already registered a scanner I bought five or six years ago. The website simply refuses to bring up this camera model for product registration. I am SURE if someone at Canon went through the normal steps a registered account holder like me goes through and tries to register this ZOOM camera, he or she would get the same (lack of) results.

We gave this a try and were able to find it.  We just entered "zoom" into the search bar and scrolled through the results until we found "ZOOM Digital Monocular."  Feel free to give this a try and let us know if you still have trouble.



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