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Blank screen on Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

Screen blank in shooting mode, works in pic review, including menu


Is the veiwfinder on instead?

On the back of your cmera bottom right that larger dial has a DISP. symbol on the bottom. Try pressing that several times to see if it toggles the shooting veiw from Veiwfinder to LCD to both.

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The Display switch that you toggle has done the trick.  The LED screen came on.


Whe I turn the camera on my Canon Powershot SX 50 HS I just love the camera. One evening taking photos I accidently saven my custome screen C1 or C2.. I tried to restore by using reset all did nothing hit the display a few times nothing. I really nead some help I donèt want to sent it to the manufacturing.


Many thanks!!


HEY! It works, great! Thanks! Looks like I hit that button by mistake...

Ok great!! Thats an awesome camera you have there I have its slightly older brother the SX50HS and I am quite pleased with it and still learning more about it after about a year!

Hi John, I had the SX50 HS,and although I hadn't mastered it, I think I acheived better results with it, better than I do with the SX60HS.

I, wish I had stuck to the 50 but was seduced by the extra zoom.

I have to say the 50 was a bit small in my hands, as I was inadvertantly pressing buttons and that was a big factor in my decicion to 'upgrade'

The 60 feels more comfortable for me,although the problem now is not accidently pressing buttons, but finding them without actually looking, as they are recessed and hard to find by touch.

I think both of these cameras have too many 'Bells and Whistles'


Persevere with your SX50 HS, it's a great alrounder.

Yes I like my SX50 so much I bought a second one, a Canon refurbished and half of what I paid for the new one for my daughter. The mode dial on the back is where I find myself accidentally pushing it but all in all it is a great camera. I was tempted when the SX60 came out but decided to hold off for the SX100... I figure 4 more years tops lol


Thanks so much - I figured I needed to go camera shopping just before we leave for a trip.

Really appreciate the post to solve my problem! The display button - won't forget that in the future!


I inadvertently had the camera setting on long shutter, have taken loads of photos but they are all blank.  Is there any way of retrieving these?


Please help!  I can turn my camera on, it makes a beep, and green light shows occasionally, but I have nothing but a blank lcd screen.  I've tried pressing the display button several times, and it beeps, but nothing shows up on the screen.  What's the next step?

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