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prevent MF8500 from waking up at night


Hi, I have an MF8500CDW that I keep at my desk in the room where I sleep. Unfortunately it wakes itself up at night (and me along with it).

How can I prevent it from waking at night?

Sleep is set a 240 minutes and auto offline at 60 minutes.





I set our network to block all traffic to this printer at night (can't even ping it when blocked) and the printer STILL wakes up at night a few times.

Aside from switching the printer off, how can I prevent it from waking itself (and me with it) up at night?



Product Expert
Product Expert

We would be happy to assist with the issue. To provide some feedback or some troubleshooting steps, we would need some additional information. If you could reply to this message with the information below, we can provide some assistance. For a more immediate resolution, you can also contact support at 1-800-652-2666.

  1. When the printer wakes up, does a message appear on the printer display?
  2. Could you describe what the printer does when it wakes up?
  3. Did the issues begin after updating any software or changing any network settings?

Hello, i have same issue but with MF8380Cdw, printer wakes up all the time around 2:15 AM (at night), printer is connected now via LAN, but it did before also, when it was connected to wifi... printer is not connected to telephone line... it does not print, just do procedure, like when you just turn it on, turns fans. do something inside, you hear same sounds like when you want to print... and same thing, before printer was at office, and at this time nobody cares, because nobody was in office at that time, now i have it in my room, and it wakes me up too 😞

EDIT: printers firmware was updated to latest (05.11.18), with firmware from canon website, few years ago...

EDIT2: I see, that on every different country there is different date for latest firmware, but its V12.01


We have not yet been able to get the printer to NOT wake us up at night (e.g. printer stays asleep but on).
So we have plugged it into a smart-plug that we have set to turn off at night and turn on in the morning. It is my assumption that this is not as good for the printer's hardware as the smart-plug does not initiate the printer's preventative maintenance shut-down procedures.
But, it DOES let us sleep without interruption by a printer with inadequate firmware.

We will see, what Mr. Hector or somebody else from Canon will answer, I don't want to use smart plug to be honest... There was question to you, but you didn't answer so maybe it will move forward :-). It's old printer but still perfect, I don't remember, when I bought toners last time 🙂

@dim0n wrote:There was question to you, but you didn't answer so maybe it will move forward

If you mean whether there is anything on screen, what the printer does when it wakes up, or if this was following an update - as per Hector's questions - the answer is essentially "no", nothing useful. It simply wakes up with no messages, makes same sounds as if we had turned it on, and Canon has not produced an update for this device in years. So, no, not really useful, but thanks for asking.


first of all no offence, we have same problem ;-). I mean that Hector ask for more information, like in what time exactly it does etc... but you didn't answer, or at least I don't see it, and yes, as you write now, we both have absolutely same symptoms... Display turns on, do some sounds etc... So maybe they will do something about it, if they did a new drivers in 2021m, so hope will never die 🙂 And lets be honest printer will never be quite quiet 😄 And about that pic, the proper true life 🙂

Yep, you was right 😉


So... As of the last month or so, my printer wakes up when my android phone is called. cdw8500c on latest firmware

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