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imageCLASS mf452dw Partial Printing


Hello, I have a image class mf452dw with a Mac 10.14.6


i just downloaded all the drivers. I was able to print and have the printer start up but I only was able to get 2” of the left side of the first page to print. Any help would be appreciated 


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I'm a Windows user, so I haven't run into this issue. If you try to print...say a picture...does the whole image appear as expected? 🤔

I am using windows too. To answer your question no. 1/4 of the picture comes up. I’m not the most tech savvy so there may be something with the setting I need to click or hit too 

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 I have an MF743Cdw here at home.

If the problem happens on both Windows and Mac, try factory defaulting the unit, reprogram enough to reestablish communications and try printing again.

If that doesn't work, reach out to Canon Support to have an agent do more diagnostics to see if the unit needs to be repaired. 🤔

Thanks a lot appreciate the responses and help. 

Post what ultimately happens. 🙂