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imageCLASS MF8080Cw printing with horizontal streaks


Tried multiple operating systems so that is not the issue. Also tried cleaning fixer 5 or 6 times.ignore the vertical streaks; these are likely just a scanner issueignore the vertical streaks; these are likely just a scanner issue


Rising Star
Rising Star

Do the streaks appear when copying or is this something that happens just when printing?

When copying as well. Something I noticed is the machine will only print the black defect if I am printing a job set as B&W. The color stripes appear as well only when the job is set as a Color job.

Are the toner cartridges Canon or aftermarket? If they are Canon brand, the unit could be in need of repair. The next step would be to contact Canon Support to have an agent run some additional tests to determine if a repair is in order. 🙂

Anything I can do myself? It's a used unit I bought years ago. Hadn't really needed to use it at the time so it just sat there (air conditioned building) for a few years. I don't want to pay for repairs - I'd rather live with the defect or take it out of service.

I'm thinking that a circuit board or some component has gone bad. Such repairs are outside the scope of troubleshooting of end users like you & me.

My personal thought is, due to the age of the unit, I'd retire it and purchase a new model. I own an MF743Cdw and like it.