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imageCLASS MF644Cdw Scan to Email Setup Help


Can someone please walk me through setting up the scan to email function using both the remote ui and from the printer touch pad. I don’t understand port and smpt numbers and things and don’t know where to find them. I use spectrum wi fi and have a charter email address and a gmail address. 

please, I need help! 



Are you using the printer with windows or MAC OS?

Since you are not familiar with scan to email set up and configuration, I would suggest using the send function settings tool to assist you with its configuration.

**The tool is only available for windows OS

Visit the support portal for your printer.

Look for the tool mentioned above.  Select support, software/drivers and your operating system.  *Again the tool is only available for windows.  

Note: If you have a MAC, the configuration has to be done manually.  

You can use Google search to find the recommended SMTP email settings for charter/spectrum.  This one include the email address, password, outgoing mail server, port and encryption requirements if applicable.



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