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imageCLASS MF641Cw Will Not Print 4x6 Photos


I’m trying to print 4x6 photos from an IPad.  I’ve loaded the photo paper in the multifunction tray and set it to a custom paper size.  However, when i try to print, the print window on my iPad only shows the standard  tray (letter size paper) as an option.  How can i select the multifunction tray?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Mestanley7,

When printing from an iOS device like your iPad, you can download and install our Canon Print Business app. The app will let you adjust the settings for the printer. You can view the settings that can be adjusted from the Canon print Business app using the link HERE.

Somewhat helpful, except i want to print on 4”x6” photo paper (A6), which doesn’t seem to be one of the size options

Hello Mestanley7,

The Canon Print Business app will check the printer it is connected to for the list of paper sizes it supports. 4X6 or A6 does not appear in the default list of paper sizes available on the printer. It looks like you would need to print from a Mac or Windows computer to use the custom paper size and print on the 4X6 paper.