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imageCLASS MF6160dw print blemish


Hi. im getting this "thing" on all my prints, any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.canonblemish.jpeg

Please Help!! THANK YOU!!!



I'm afraid we don't have a real basis for what you are experiencing. 


Is this image an entire printed page?

Is this a corner or edge of a print?  Or a magnified spot on a individual line or character?


What are we looking at?


It looks like something is dirty, foreign object, etc.



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hi, thank you for the reply. this "thing" is about an inch long and it appears on the same side of the page, in 2 spots on most of my prints. its not on a corner or an egde of the print, its about 2 inches in from the edge of the paper.

thank you!

Hi, all my prints have this same little blemish that looks like scratches. Kind of looks like a little spiderweb almost. It is on about 9/10 prints, usually in the same place. I’m on mobile, guess I can’t upload a pic from here?? Any idea what this could be? Thank you so much for any help!