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imageCLASS MF269dw not recognized by computer


Purchase Image Class MF 269dw Printer: I setup the printer to receive the wireless signal from the network, and the signal is showing and working. Tried to install the software on my Windows 11 laptop, stopped all firewalls and security software, and still the canon software doesn't recognize the printer! I even tried with the network Private and Public. I even tried USB connections and the software still doesn't recognize the printer!  The network is operating on 2.4GHZ for the printer. Note: this is a new laptop with no previous printer on it! Any suggestions on how to resolve the issue? Thank you for your help.




Let's start with basic connectivity verification.  Please log into your router and view the list of attached devices.  

What is the IP of the printer?

What is the IP of the computer you are trying to use it with?

Optional, but recommended.  Since you are here, this would be a good time to assign a static or reserved IP for the printer.  This ensures a persistent connection. 

You mentioned anti-virus software.  If you are using 3rd party AV this can keep a device from being detected or installed.

Now open a browser, enter the IP address the router / you have assigned to the printer.  Its webserver should display.  Does it?

We should be able to ascertain and resolve the issues, once the above has been confirmed. 

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