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imageCLASS D340 Windows 10 21H2 now won't print


Everything was working fine until the most recent Windows 10 November 2021 update installed on it's own.  Now, I just get " Error - Printing ". 

I have tried uninstalling - reinstalling the latest driver.

I've researched older drivers to see if they might be compatible; they are not.

I've tried deleting the driver and letting Windows install from Windows Updates; no luck.

I fix computers for a living and this is aggravating, not that it's Canon's fault, this much I know.  Basically, I'm going to have to tell my parents that they're not going to be able to print unless we either downgrade Windows to a version prior to the November 21H2 update, wait for Microsoft to release a new update, wait for Canon to release a new digitally signed driver, or, you guessed it; get a new printer, after we had just bought ink.

Any ideas?  Google has not been kind.  I am very open to anything that anyone would want to try.



With the printer installed and connected, what does the USB bus look like in Device Manager?

Any issues reported there?

Is the printer connected directly to a USB port, or is in connected to a hub or adapter of some sort?

The device is 14 years old.  Maybe it is time for something new.  


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I will take a look and report back, thanks for the advice.

Printer connected directly to a USB port to the back of the desktop.

Earlier was showing a yellow exclamation point next to a driver relating to either a scanner or scsi or something or another, I should have taken a picture.

Printer was working out great for us up to this point, hard to believe that we're contingent on an update from Microsoft to fix this issue, there's no telling how long that could take.

If there was some sort of workaround in the meantime, we'd even be willing to accept that, as well.

Although 14 years old, it should still be able to handle a basic print job.