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i-SENSYS MF655Cdw: How to print with empty cartridge


I just got an error that yellow cartridge is empty. I've tried to override all error messages, warnings etc. in the settings, reset twice, hold cancel button for 10-20 sec. Copying works well. What to do next?

I know it's not the best option to still continue printing, but because of my location I'm not able to get replacement soon and I would need to print only two black and white pages more. Great timing, eh. I would be happy for any advice. Thanks.




Continued printing with one or more empty toners is not possible.  You might be able to get a few pages, but it sounds like you've already stretched things a bit.

<Display Settings> - Canon - MF657Cdw / MF655Cdw / MF651Cw - User's Guide (Product Manual)

You've already found the Display Settings to suppress Low Toner warnings.  The only other solution that might get you a page or two is to remove the toners one by one and shake horizontally, re-install then try printing again.

What do I recommend, ultimately, its time to buy toner.  

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