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Red prints Yellow


So i've had this canon mf644cdw for a few months now and it was working fine. After printing up a bunch "50-100" flyers i lost RED. Now red prints as yellow. I replaced the red cartridge thinking that was the problem but red still prints yellow. I have checked printing all other colors and they all work fine INDIVIDUALLY but mostly prints yellow on normal print job with several colors. Am waiting on a yellow cartridge to replace and try that but i'm not sure this is a cartridge issue.


I've tried: reset all settings to default, then... 

1: "removing and reinstall the red toner cartridge"

2: "clean fixing assembly"

3: "clean ITB"

4: "clean feeder"

5: "auto adjust gradiation"

6: "correct print color mismatch"

7) "print from different pc to make sure that is not the issue"



Correct Image:


bad printed image:



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Jupiter1Tx,


In this situation, it looks like the red toner is not being applied to any of the prints. To create certain shades, the printer will use a combination of color. The images that you posted look like the red toner is not being applied to complete the image. It looks like you have performed most of the maintenance that I would suggest for the printer. In this situation you can also try turning on the option to remove any condensation in the printer.


 <Menu> <Adjustment/Maintenance> <Maintenance> <Control Condensation> <On> Check the message <OK> Select an item according to your environment of usage <Yes>


If you still have the issue, it looks like there is a problem with the printer or an issue with the red toner loaded. To check your service option or to contact our phone support team, you can log in or create a Canon account using the link provided HERE.

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