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Print Quality - MF634C


I am having continuous streaking and white splotching problems with my printer.  I have gone through all of the troubleshooting, cleaning and maintenance steps, the cartridges are all at 40% or greater, and everything else is functioning fine. I have turned on the relevant settings in Special Processing and have reviewed everything online that I can find to no avail.  Can someone please help me?  My printer is otherwise functioning just fine and I need to find a solution to this quality issue.  Thanks.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Jrfoucre,

If you have already tried cleaning the ITB and fixing assembly it looks like the issue would be caused by the toner cartridge or the printer's hardware. In this situation, you can try reseating the toner and gently shaking the cartridge from side to side to make sure the toner is evenly distributed.

If that does not resolve the issue, it looks like there is a problem with the toner cartridge or the printer's hardware. in this situation, you can use the link HERE to access you MyCanon account and check your service options.