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MF743Cdw does not display PC under Scan > Computer


My PC will connect to the MF743Cdw and print as expected, however if I try to Scan > Computer the PC is not listed.

The PC is connected via ethernet to a router.

The MF743Cdw connects to the router via WiFi.

Obviously there is a connection since the PC will print to the device. Also, the MF743Cdw does find another PC on the network, just not the one I'm trying to use with it.

Any idea what might be causing this? It was working in this configuration for nearly a year and I'm not aware of making any changes recently, other than routine Windows updates. I've power cycled the PC, router, and printer.



Greetings and Good Morning,

I hope this might help.  For the benefit of others.  Some have a misconception that networked devices must use the same connection type (wired ethernet or wireless) in order to "see" one another.  This is not true.  Unless a specific rule is set to isolate devices, vLANs or LAN segments, it doesn't matter how devices connect to the same network. 

For your situation, please check if Network Discovery is enabled on the machine which is not "discoverable".

Note this example is Windows 11


The interface in windows 10 uses radio buttons.  Network Discovery can be enabled or disabled depending on the network type.  Public, Private, Domain.  

3rd Party Anti-Virus solutions which include a firewall can also interfere with device discovery.  

I would also suggest assigning a static IP to the device you want to use as a destination.  

The printer does not care whether you use a FQDN or IP address for the path, just be consistent.  

The MF743Cdw also has a Utility for configuring "Send To" destinations.

Canon Support for Color imageCLASS MF743Cdw | Canon U.S.A., Inc.


Please note this is no different than what you see in the Printers Remote UI.  Its just an optional utility.

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