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MF644CDW unprinted blotches on page

New Contributor

Hi there my MF644cdw is not printing completely down the center of page. It does not matter if it is color picture or black and white document or an envelope. Any assistance would be appreciated to resolve. This is a new printer with minimal use so far. I ran Clean fixing assembly and clean ITB functions.See below scan.

Thank you



Product Expert
Product Expert
Hello Tjbere, It looks like there is an obstruction in the paper path or there is a problem with the hardware. In this situation, I would suggest removing all of the toner cartridges and checking the printer interior for any jams or obstructions. Pay close attention to the center of the paper feed path where the row of blotches appear. You can also check the opening on the front that the paper is ejected from. You do not see anything on the interior of the printer, it looks like the printer needs service. At that point I would suggest contacting support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist with checking what might be causing the problem and can provide your service options.

New Contributor

Hector, After looking inside printer after I took out cartridges I can see imperfections on the INTERMEDIATE TRANS. BELT ASSY. Should that be completely smooth and it this what is causing the blotches.

Thank you Tony


trans belt.jpg