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MF641CW Printer - Exploded/leaking yellow toner?


I've noticed that the yellow toner seems to be all over the place. I'm new to this kind of printer. What do you recommend? Should I replace the toner cartridge? Do I need to do anything to clean my printer? It looks like some has gotten onto an internal wheel (see pic). Thanks.




Primary issue.  Yes, you should try to keep the interior of your printer as clean as possible.  A good vacuum with long bristle brush attachment will help.  Canned air and Q-Tips next.  A damp cloth or one with a spray of alcohol last for any remaining dust or residue.  Try to avoid wiping away any areas containing grease, smearing or caking the toner dust into crevasses.

Using Canon inks and toners is advisable.  While any toner cartridge can have a manufacturing defect, 3rd party products are often more susceptible.  OEM toner and inks also have a warranty.   

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DON'T EVER use compressed/canned air to blow toner around. You DO NOT want to inhale toner. Very toxic. Even using a vacuum cleaner can be a hazard, as toner particles are small enough to pass through standard vacuum filters. Having a HEPA filter vacuum is some improvement. This is why there are special-purpose toner vacuums.